Bred By P Titcombe

Top Breeding Hen (Hereman Ceusters)

Winner of

1st Combine Sennon Cove 158 Miles 1360b
3rd Combine Exeter 83 Miles 3870b
7th Combine Yelverton 83 Miles 5147b
1st Glastonbury Breeder Buyer 2012 (£1000) 

Mother of

1st Section 1st National Flying Club Coutances 153 Miles 1144b
3rd Combine Lyndhurst 41 Miles 4297b
1st Club Lyndhurst 41 Miles 255b 
1st Club Yelverton 81 Miles  391b
1st Combine Yelverton 81 Miles 2039b
1st Club Coutances 151 Miles 191b
1st Combine Coutances 151 Miles 1420b
1st Club Eastbourne 124 Miles 253b
2nd Combine Eastbourne 124 Miles 840b
1st & 2nd Club Yelverton 81 Miles 496b
2nd Combine Yelverton 81 Miles 2884b
6th Combine Yelverton 81 Miles 2166b
3rd Thames & NE Open National Messac 230 Miles 441b
1st Gold Ring Race Messac 230 Miles
1st RPRA SW Region Ace Young Bird 2019
7th WOESRC Eastbourne 124 Miles 840b 2018
11th WOESRC Coutances 152 Miles 1420b 2019

Father of Comet


Hereman Ceusters

Mother of Comet


Hereman Ceusters

Bred By Premier Stud From Tower x Florence

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