Miss Frankie

Bred By Frank Zweirs. The Netherlands

Father of Miss Frankie is Frankenstein (Bred by Arjan Beens)

Top Producer Sire of winners:

1st International Ace Pau 2017-18

2nd National Bergerac 2018

5th National Pau ZLU 2018

5th National Narbonne 2018

5th National Orange 2018

8th NPO Cahors 2015

15th NPO Cahors 2015

18th National Mont De Marsan 2017

19th NPO Cahors 2019

34th NPO Bordeaux 2019

55th National Bordeaux 2020

81st NPO Agen 2016

101st ZLU Agen 2015

107th NPO Bordeaux 2016

Son of super racing hen “Rood Meisje”

1st National Brive 2013

5th NPO Albi 2012

Father of Frankenstein is Narbonne Raket (Bred By Arjan Beens)

Winner of 

100th National ZLU Narbonne 2014

37th NPO Albi 2012

Grandson of 6th National Barcelona

Mother of Rood Meisje (Bred by Arjan Beens)

Winner of

1st National Brive 2013

5th NPO Albi 2012

Half-Sister to winners:

1st International Olympic Ace

2nd Eurocup 2010

2nd Eurocup 2011

Mother of Miss Frankie is Belle (Bred by Frank Zweirs)

Daughter of the St Vincent Pair

Parents 1st, 17th & 26th National St Vincent

Father of Belle is Le Bernard

Winner of

1st National St Vincent 13,472b 2016

26th National St Vincent 7,830b 2015

G-Father of 

2nd Perpignan 4287b

25th International 12,752b

3rd Agen ZLU 3,940b

Mother of Belle is Constance

Winner of

5th NPO St Vincent

17th National St Vincent 7,830b

G-Mother of

2nd Perpignan 4287b

25th International 12,752b

14th St Vincent ZLU 2,710b

40th Agen ZLU 5,483b

111th Agen ZLU 4,776b

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