National Eros

Bred By Frank Zweirs. The Netherlands

Father of National Eros is Eros (Bred By Mark Van Den Berg)

Fantastic Producer Grandfather of

4th Olympic Ace 2019

4th NationalAce Yearling 2016

5th National Ace NPO 2017

2nd NPO Bergerac 2016

4th National St Vincent 2019

8th National St Vincent 2018

8th NPO Orange 2017

10th National St Vincent 2018

17th National Agen ZLU 2019

18th National St Vincent 2017

24th NPO Bergerac 2017

26th NPO Bergerac 2016

27th NPO Cahors 2016

30th National Cahors 2016

31st NPO Agen 2016

40th National St Vincent 2019

41st National Perigueaux 2019

62nd National Perpignan 2017

63rd National Narbonne 2019

Brother to Olympic Zara

2nd Olympic Champion Marathon

Father of Eros is Brive 2 (Bred By Mark Van Den Berg)

Father of

1st Mountauban 5,413b

2nd Brive 5,097b

3rd Perigeaux 6,330b

3rd Aurilac 4,995b

14th Cahors 11,054b

20th Perigeaux 6,493b

47th Bergerac 4,379b

49th Bergerac 13,051b

Mother of Eros is Wonder Van Drijber (Bred By K Kiekebelt)

Mother of

Olympic Zara, Anna, Aida en Tevez

1st Montauban 5,413b

2nd Brive 5,097b

3rd Perigueux 6,330b

3rd Aurilac 4,995b

14th Cahors 11,054b

20th Perigueux 6,493b

47th Bergerac 4,379b

Mother of National Eros is Double National 1 (Bred By Frank Zweirs)

Grandmother of

100th Agen ZLU 3,940b

107th Agen ZLU 3,940b

From unique pairing Le Bernard x Amber 1st National St Vincent & 1st National Dax

Father of Double National 1 is Le Bernard

Winner of

1st National St Vincent 13,472b 2016

26th National St Vincent 7,830b 2015

G-Father of 

2nd Perpignan 4287b

25th International 12,752b

3rd Agen ZLU 3,940b

Mother of Double National 1 is Amber

Top Racer

1st National Dax 4,616b 2016

51st National Bergerac 4,662b 2015

91st NPO Tarbes 2015

Grandmother of

9th Agen ZLU 3,934b

11th International Yearling 10,657b

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