New Joost

Bred by Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen

Father of New Joost is Brother Kleine Coronel

Brother of

7th International Bordeaux 2006
6th International Perpignan 2008

Father of 

68th National St Vincent 3738b
46th National Perpignan 5613b
1st As Duif ZW Fond Ninove 2013

Father Brother Kleine Coronel is Coronel Junior

Father of

4th National Bordeaux
5th National Perpignan
6th International Perpignan 17,624b
7th International Barcelona7th International Bordeaux 6223b1st International Ace Mediteranean CupBest International Pigeon Barcelona-Perpignan 2013-2014

Mother Brother Kleine Coronel is Daughter Joost

Mother of

4th National Bordeaux
5th National Perpignan
7th International Bordeaux 6223b
6th International Perpignan 17,624b

Mother of New Joost is Grandaughter Laval Peggy

Sister to

2nd National Ace Long Distance 2016 Yearling.

Father of Grandaughter Laval Peggy is Alain bred By Cor De Heijde

Father of

2nd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance 2016 Yearling
24th National Libourne
69th National Narbonne
22nd National Libourne
65th National Tulle

Mother of Grandaughter Laval Peggy is Beauty Laval Peggy

Mother of

8th National Perpignan
9th National Pau
49th National St Vincent
1st National Ace KBDB Extreme Long Distance

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