Bred By Formula 1 Lofts (Frans Zwols)

Full Brother of 1st Section P 1st Open National Flying Club Coutances YB 2020

Father of Senna is Dream D’Artagnan 

Successful racer for Formula 1 Lofts before being put to stock because of his blood and presence.

Father of 

1st Section P 1st National Flying Club Coutances YB 2020

Father Of Dream D’Artagnan is D’Artagnan one of the best top breeding cock in the UK. Responsible  for 

9 x 1st National Amal & Combine level.  

1st 19,476b 

2 x 1st National Flying Club 

1st BICC 4,600b 

2 x1st Amal upto 5,500b 

3 x 1st Combine 

2nd BICC

2nd NFC etc.

Mother of Dream D’Artagnan is Dream Girl

Sister of the 3 Musketeers. She is an ace breeder being dam and gdam to good birds including Champion Young Bird for Frans Zwols. 

1st Pilmore 9,100b

1st & 3rd Open BICC

2nd 19,737b

2nd Sec NFC 2016 & many more.

Mother of Senna is 552 direct from Champion breeder Brother Frans

Good racer

51st 5,925b

69th 10,739b

181st 4,302b

195th 6,553b

Mother of 

1st Section P 1st National Flying Club Coutances YB 2020

Father of 552 is Brother Frans

Frans is the foundation breeder being the sire of the King & Queen of Rekkem.  

Brother Frans father of

Champion YB 2008

15 x Birds to score in first 50 at National Level including 1sts up to 15,000b.

Mother of 552 is Little Silver a direct daughter of Lucky Boy and Grand Daughter of Boy & Queen.

Lucky Boy Winner of 

1st, 3rd 3rd 5th & 34th upto 12,995b

Father of 

1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd up to 11,388b

Mother of Little Silver is Silver Girl

5 x top positions with birdage 10,811b & 18,543b 

Full sister to Silver Boy 1st NPO Orleans 8,626b

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