Stunning Gem

Bred By D & J Staddon

Father of Stunning Gem is Gem

Direct Son Of Freelands Gem

Father of 

3rd Section 3rd National Cholet 290 Miles 2019
3rd Section 3rd National Fougeres 201 Miles 2019
7th Section 47th National Agen 526 Miles 2019
8th Section 31st National Agen 526 Miles 2018
10th Section 100th National Tarbes 560 Miles 2019

Grandfather of

3rd Section 3rd National Fougeres 202 Miles 2019

Father the superstar Freelands Gem 2 x National Flying Club Certificate Of Merit Winner

2nd Section 45th National Tarbes 620 Miles 2010
4th Section 60th National Tarbes 620 Miles 2011
1st Section 18th National Tarbes 620 Miles 2012
1st Section 21st National Tarbes 620 Miles 2013
2nd Section 42nd National Tarbes 620 Miles 2014
3rd Section 88th National Tarbes 620 Miles 2015

Mother of Gem GB13N69475

Pedigree Unknown

Mother of  Stunning Gem is Rosie
Rosie Bred By Mark Gilbert

Sister to

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 14th, 20th Tarbes Grand National

Rosie is Mother to

1st Section 3rd National Saintes 383 Miles
4th Section 43rd National Tarbes 560 Miles
3rd Section 20th National Tarbes 560 Miles
4th Section 8th National Guernsey 115 Miles
3rd Section 115th National Guernsey 115 Miles
2nd Section (Beaten By Loftmate) 90th National Alencon 230 Miles
15th Section 59th National Agen 526 Miles
11th Section 82nd National Tarbes 561 Miles
17th Section 223rd National Tarbes 561 Miles
1st Section 48th National Tarbes 440 Miles
2nd Section 20th National Tarbes 561 Miles

Grandmother of

3rd Section 3rd National Fougeres 202 Miles 2019

Father of Rosie is Son Perpignan 06 H & P Brockamp

1st National Perpignan 1452b
2nd International Perpignan 14,812b
20th National Perpignan

Father of 

1st International Marseille 17,000b

Mother of Rosie is the 333 Hen The Best Breeding Hen Of Mark Gilbert

Mother of 

2nd Tarbes Grand National
3rd Tarbes Grand National
4th Tarbes Grand National
7th Tarbes Grand National
8th Tarbes Grand National
14th Tarbes Grand National
20th Tarbes Grand National
6th National Rennes
6th National Messac
7th National Saintes

What a Champion !!!

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