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Forward By Gareth Watkins
The D & J Staddon is made up of father John born in 1942 and son Dave born in 1974.

John initially raced in partnership with twin brother Mike as Staddon Bros and achieved huge success, including 2 x 1st National, 7 x 1st Classic and over 50 x 1st West Of England South Road Combine. His introduction to the sport began in 1963 when the brothers started with a few strays in a metal outhouse at their mother’s pub. Dave took an early interest in the pigeons and has been an active fancier for most of his 45 years. Their current partnership was formed in 2009.

Anyone who has been in the sport for the past four or five decades will instantly recall the name of Staddon appearing at or near the top of the results of local clubs, the West of England South Road Combine, CSCFC, BBC, BICC and NFC, such has been the incredible consistency of success at all levels of the sport over a sustained period. 

John is a retired Highway Inspector who is married to Jackie and has three children and 6 grandchildren. Dave runs an expanding publishing business, is married to Caroline and has one son Archie. The growing business means time is limited for Dave during the week and the birds have to fit around his schedule. John lives about 2 miles from the racing loft and is always on hand to handle the birds if Dave is working away and does a lot of the training of the young birds. 

Initially, their success came from John’s house at Evercreech (4 x 1st National), but racing there finished in 2018 and the new racing loft at Dave’s house started with young birds in 2017. The seamless transition of success has been incredible. A further 2 x 1st National, 2 x 2nd National & 2 x 3rd National were won in 2019 along with 1st Open Classic and 3 x 1st WOESRC. Quite a year. I am sure the big wins are sure to keep on coming for this ace partnership and their fantastic family of pigeons,

From Dave & John
We enjoy all types of racing from sprint to marathon and like to compete in the highest competition possible. We are hard taskmasters with all youngsters having to fly the English Channel at least once and sometimes four times. All distance bred yearlings are now expected to fly 500 miles at least once. We are building a family which can compete from 40 miles to 700 miles. If our birds fly straight they have to cross at least 90 miles of the open sea, where the weather can be unpredictable. When we introduce new bloodlines they have to compete as well as our own if not better or they do not stay. This system means we can breed from pigeons that thrive on this program and their parents and relatives, thus reducing our losses year on year.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and following our progress.

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