The Loft

Our racing loft is 40ft x 9ft of wooden construction with a tiled roof. It was built to our design by Ecco Lofts in the UK. This loft was built in the new racing location in 2017. It has no inlet ventilation other than if the doors are in the open position. It has 5 x 8ft sections. Two for old cocks, one for old hens and two sections for the youngsters. Outlet ventilation is via sliders in the roof above the corridor and the stale air then leaves via the ridge of the tiled roof. When the doors are in the closed position there is no inlet air ventilation other than the small amount the comes around each of the doors and this is sufficient. That said we have aluminium aviaries fitted to the front of each section and the pigeons have free access to these all day and night in the summer in winter if exceptionally cold the doors will be shut at night. The birds trap via special traps set in the roofs of the aviaries. These were expertly made by Jeff Greenaway at Universal Pigeon Products.

Many fanciers have visited us and thought we would have a much larger setup, but with myself working full time and dad getting older, this is enough for us to manage.

I think that just about covers the loft, very simple and basic, not large by today’s modern standards but is already producing amazing results.

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