Racing Underway on 6th June 2020

Our 2020 racing campaign got off to a start on Saturday the 6th June with a short hop from Exeter a distance of only 56 miles to us. We are very grateful to members of the Glastonbury Flying Club and the West Of England South Road Combine, for everything they have done to give us the opportunity to race despite the COVID-19 Pandemic. We sent 75 birds. They were liberated at 06.45 in a light west wind. Our birds would have preferred a head wind and so would wee to give them more fitness work but it was great to be racing, the birds really enjoyed it and I am pleased to say all 75 returned safe and well. Our first birds doing 59mph. Our club Glastonbury sent 482 birds and we won 3rd, 4th & 7th positions. The combine sent 3960b and we won 29th & 30th combine. Most of our birds went past the loft and then had a tough fly back into the head wind which will help the fitness for the races to come. Next week we start across the channel with a 186 mile race from Falaise with the BICC.

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