9 x 1st Section National & Classic 2020

9 x 1st Section National & Classic 2020

August 15th 2020

Thank you for continuing to show an interest in our pigeons. It’s been an unbelievable season thus far. I have this morning fully updated our season’s results on the results page  http://staddonpigeons-com.stackstaging.com/results

Since my previous update which highlighted our second section winner of the season from St Philbert, we have been on an exceptional run which doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. Our latest wins include 1st Section BICC Poitiers, 2nd 4th 5th Section Pau International, 2nd 3rd 4th Section Agen International, 1st 3rd Section 3rd and 10th National St Vincent International, 2nd Section 31st BICC National Barcelona International, 2nd Section 18th National BBC Barcelona, 1st 2nd 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Section G 7th 45th 108th 124th 172nd 175th 184th 239th National Flying Club Pau, 1st Section 2nd Open CSCFC Pau, 1st Sec 3rd National BBC Pau, 1st Section 20th National BICC Bordeaux, 1st 2nd Section 2nd & 3rd National Rieux-Minervois International. 

That means we have won an incredible 9 x 1st Section in the 2020 old bird season. On a countback, we have won 14 x 1st Section in the past 14 months.

So what can we put this amazing run of form down to?

Firstly our loft is very good and dry. Our aviaries are without a doubt very important to the health of our birds. In fact, since early June when the season started our racing hens have been kept 24/7 in the aviary. Day and night, rain and shine. The only time they go into the loft is to feed or when the cocks are flying out and of course on return from a race. Fresh air is free and we like our birds to have as much as possible. The health of these hens is impeccable and we have not had to administer any health cures on these birds at all. Staying in the aviaries also helps with lowering the number of lesbian pairs and eggs we get. Lastly and most importantly we now have excellent pigeons both in the racing loft and the stock loft. These pigeons make racing look easy. 

We race them exceptionally hard as young birds and yearlings and only the best survive our methods. We then only keep the stock whose children stay the course. It doesn’t matter how they are bred if they can’t handle our workload they are removed. This means that when we get to the marathon races, we now have birds we can depend on.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this brief update and I look forward to writing to you again soon. Hopefully with more good news. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the website.

Yours in Sport 

Dave Staddon

Fahrenheit & Celcius 2nd & 3rd BICC National Rieux-Minervois International
John & Dave Staddon holding 1st Section 3rd BICC National St Vincent (a yearling hen)
Dave & John Staddon holding Gemstone 1st Section 7th NFC Pau National 549 Miles, 1st Sec 3rd BBC National Pau and 1st Sec 2nd Open CSCFC Pau

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