Five in a row !!!!

Five in a row !!!!
Cider Celebration Underway !!!!

Saturday 11th July, saw 3605 birds liberated at Poitiers at 6am in a light NNE wind. The distance is 349 miles to our loft. We had sent a team of 39 birds. We are ecstatic to win the west section of the BICC for the fifth consecutive national race. Guernsey YB, Falaise YB, Falaise OB, St Philbert OB and Poitiers OB. The race was tough and the birds really had to work. This lovely cock is also provisional 5th national.

We have named the section winner Red Miracle. He is a yearling chaos cock bred from Red Treble x My Miracle

We will have two more bird in 4th and 5th section and returns were again good. We will now aim the section winner at Bordeaux BICC.

It’s basketing for the first international race of the season is tomorrow and we are entering 6 birds for this iconic race. Let’s keep fingers crossed for a good race on Friday.

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