Results Update: 1st West Section St Philbert BICC, June 28th

Results Update: 1st West Section St Philbert BICC, June 28th

The second channel race for our team took place after a one-day holdover from St Philbert in France with the BICC. A distance of 285 miles for us. The wind was exceptionally strong from the west-south-west. Gusts of over 40mph were recorded in the channel. The birds were liberated at 08.30am.

We had an excellent race with 65/68 birds making home. We timed a 2yo chequer cock first raced on our chaos widowhood system at 14.50pm, recording 1299ypm or about 44.3mph. This was good enough to win our section 25ypm or just over 5 miles. There was an excellent birdage in the section of 995 birds. This means we have now won the BICC West Section for four national races in a row. Guernsey YB, Falaise YB, Falaise OB and St Philbert.

The birds have started the season in red hot form. We both hope we can keep in them in fine fettle once we reach the long distance races to come.

The section winner has now been named Meteor Miracle and is bred from Pair 7 The Real Miracle x Comet. Full details available in the breeding couples page

Next race for us will be the the BICC National from Poitiers a distance of 350 miles. We intend to enter 39 birds for this race.

Dave Staddon (left) John Staddon (right) with Meteor Miracle 1st West Section BICC St Philbert National.

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